Scholarships / Work-Trade

Mettlesome is excited to offer new and returning students scholarship credits or work trade opportunities to study in our Lab.

Scholarship and Work-Trade recipients are chosen based on their need and weighted by the diversity of perspective they may offer a class. Lab Scholars are vetted based on the application (below) and selected by our Stakeholder Board.

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Students must apply separately for each class they wish to be considered for.
  • For any class, scholarship applications must be received no later than one week before the first class
  • Scholarships may count for the full price of a course or a reduced sum. The offers may vary by class/instructor.

For Work-Trade, selected participants may work box office or some other position at our recurring shows. Each shift is worth a portion of a given class or project. Trade participants may work to cover all or part of their class fee. Space is limited, so Mettlesome cannot guarantee this opportunity for all people in a class.

Mettlesome receives many applications and cannot guarantee acceptance to every person who applies. 

Any questions about the scholarship or work-trade process may be directed to <hello(at)>.

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