Buckle up for this no holds barred comedic boxing match.  Two players go head to head, pushing their comedic abilities to the limit for the title of Wit Champion. Join us for the only improv comedy game show where the comedy comes fast, the fight is real and the audience always wins. 



Greg Phillips has been performing improv in North Carolina and beyond for five years. He eats a lot of breakfast cereal because he does what he likes. He competed in WIT in 2015 and would like to point out that he won. 


Jon Nemargut created WIT: An Improvised Game Show in 2013 at ComedyWorx in Raleigh. The WIT Hall of Fame includes the Chicago vs. Raleigh faceoff, the all-star guys vs. girls match, and the tournament of champions. The show has featured local comedians and comedy teachers such as Vinny Valdivia, Jenny Spencer, Dan Sipp, April Dudash, Tristan Yonce, Hillary Nicholas, Shane Smith, Brandie Wagers, Chuck Givens, P.T. Scarborough, Hobert Thompson and Brian Sutorius. You can see these and other WIT contestants in theaters and comedy clubs throughout the South. 


March 13th: Shane Smith vs KYLA TAYLOR (Champion)

May 3rd: Jack Reitz vs ASHLEY MELZER (Champion)

June 1st: JAKE FINAN (Champion) vs Holly Schmidt

August 9: Hanaleah Hoberman vs Will Cramer