Try them. Skip them. Quit them. Rage against them. It's time to talk about diets and the way they make us think about ourselves.

Sick Days

Soups, tonics, cures for you tum-tum. Join hosts Amy and Whitney as they share their go-to comfort foods and worst (most hilarious) sick day stories. 

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Steve Tate: Goat Lady Dairy

How do you change someone’s relationship to food? A whole lot of goat cheese doesn’t hurt. Steve Tate, along with wife, Lee, and sister (and original “Goat Lady”) Ginnie, started Goat Lady Dairy 15 years ago with a 200 year old barn and a dream. Since that time, their hand crafted cheese has made its way into stores and on tables around the region. Listen in as Steve shares about farm life, running a family business and teaching the world—one round of cheese at a time.

Mary Aaroe: In the moment


How do you go from studying public health in college to head chef at a New Orleans based restaurant? Ask Mary Aaroe. Her journey from sometime cook to communicator in chief at 1000 Figs took a few years, but she made it happen. Listen in for insights into what it's like to be in a professional kitchen, the difference between making things for yourself and for customers and how you navigate the food world when your back yard is New Orleans. 

Irene Godinez: Buen provecho!

Irene Godinez has learned one big lesson as a community organizer: nothing builds relationships quite like food. She should know, she's worked at organizations that focus on women's health, immigration, civil rights and seen the way sharing your culture but sharing a meal can elevate the sometimes long journey to fight for what's right. Listen in for stories of community building, flavors that cross boarders and the way life has changed thanks to her year-old daughter.

Libby Rodenbough: Waxing poetic about chard

Photo by Justin Cook for  Indy Week

Photo by Justin Cook for Indy Week

Being the member of an up and coming bluegrass band has its perks...and its consistent stream of tacos and coffee. Libby Rodenbough, fiddler and singer in Mipso, talks growing up in the piedmont of North Carolina, making meal plans by committee, and the simple pleasure of a fresh cooked plate of greens. 

Mipso at the 2015 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
She & Her Radio: Mipso's Libby Rodenbough On Coming Into Her Music
Q&A with Mipso Fiddler Libby Rodebough

Marcie Cohen Ferris: Gracious, Delicious World of Food

Growing up in a Jewish family in Arkansas meant that from a young age, our guest Marcie Cohen Ferris knew that food meant something. It marked identity, ritual, leisure, class. As a professor of American Studies at UNC Chapel Hill, Ferris brings all the joy and insight of food studies to her students. On this episode, she shares that love and a few stories of home with us.