Unlock the potential of forgotten creative pursuits in this new show where we ask some of our favorite songwriters to dust off an idea they almost made happen. That poem from when they were 15? That set of lyrics from college? A concept for a musical? They pitch them to the group and we workshop their abandoned idea and make it work together. Part workshop, part performance, Unfinished Business is a one of a kind songwriting show with a vulnerable twist.



Hosted By Sus Long

Songwriter Sus Long grew up in a Bay Area home steeped in the American songbook, but found herself converted to rock during her formative years by a well-timed trip to see the Hives. Her songs start from a folk foundation and build their way to melodic fury — Patty Griffin meets the Pixies, or Alabama Shakes if they’d started in the Haight. Her powerhouse vocals recall influences ranging from Billie Holliday to Freddie Mercury, while her lyrics retain the writer’s sensibility she sharpened in fiction workshops.