The show about meals, memories and milk fats. 

Clarified Butter is a show about people...and people gotta eat. Host Amy Allen trades stories with guests from all walks of life, talking family recipes, communal meals and those dishes they only seem to make when no one else is around. It's about food traditions-- the ones we are born into and the ones we make for ourselves. Join us!



"Food is Amy's window to the world," or so said the professor who introduced her Senior poetry reading in college. It was an apt way to frame a chapbook inspired by food; it's also Amy's favorite compliment she's ever received. 

Amy was born and raised in Greensboro, NC where her family's roots run deep. Her father is a public defender; her mother, a hospital administrator; her brother, a physical therapist. Amy, meanwhile, fights for humanity with storytelling. She holds a B.A. in American Studies from the University of North Carolina, with minors in Folklore and Creative Writing. She performs improv around the triangle with teams Hush Hush, Lakehouse, Baehive, and The Core and teaches for Mettlesome. In her spare time, she makes prints, quilts, and thinks too often about learning to make goat cheese.

She loves her dog Ralphie. 


Host: Amy Allen
Producer: Ashley Melzer
Music: "Wildwood Flower" by the The Carter Family adapted by Ashley Melzer
Technical Support: Brian Sutorius
Additional Audio Production on Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2: Nick Vandenberg


Some of our favorite food resources.

- The Hungry Ear, editor Kevin Young - Wonderful anthology of food poetry.

- Gravy, Southern Foodways Alliance - A great quarterly & podcast from the Southern Foodways Alliance

- Nothing in the House - Need to make a pie? This blog can help.

- Cake Wrecks - Hilarious.

- Smitten Kitchen - Delicious, beautiful and mostly doable. 

- The Great British Baking Show - Sponge and Jam!


Want to share a recipe? A memory? A POund of butter? Get in touch clarifiedbuttershow[AT]