They way it works: We book two teams each week who are given exactly 18 minutes to show us what they got. At the end of the shows, the audience votes on who had the best set. The winning team advances to the next week, where it starts all over again.
- What if we aren’t available one weekend after we’ve won? If no one is available, you can forfeit your win and your competition can move forward instead.
- What if only two of us are available? If you’re a team of 5 and only 2 can play, those two can play as your team or get sit-ins at your discretion.
- Isn’t it silly to reduce art to winners and losers? Yes.
- How long will Cagematch run? May? June? Till January? We don’t know! As long as we’re all having fun.

Please let us know the best person to ask questions to or confirm with and their email address.
Availability *
All shows are Saturdays at 8pm. Winning teams will advance.
Please provide any handles or tags we should use when promoting the team.