Mettlesome Tourco brings the best improv comedians from the award winning, creative collective to new audiences. Durham based Mettlesome has been impressing and entertaining since it’s founding in 2015. With sketch, improv and storytelling, the company has aimed at defining a new Southern voice for comedy. These hilarious performers are at the top of their game ready to do just that and create a never before seen show that’ll be talked about over and over again.

Corporate training

Want your team to more actively listen? Collaborate with each other? Laugh together? We believe the key to better communication is practicing it. With a Mettlesome cooperate training, you're team will be exposed to fun exercises which reinforce team building principles in a relaxed, fun environment. Our trainers will tailor the length and content of workshops to focus on the skills your team needs while bringing their comedy and innovation experience to the fore. Why make your team sit through another boring seminar, when you can have them laughing and learning on their feet?