The secret's out. We've cast two teams of improvisors based on lottery, availability, Diversity, interest and experience. we've paired them with a badass coach. And Now? they're working hard to make you laugh. These teams, like any good TEmplar knight on a quest, have only a few months together. Come see the illuminati magic that they conjure (but be sure to use an alias). 

Next shows:


Featuring Michael Baker, Barnsley Brown, Zannie Gunn, Eric Kang, John Prybylski,
Irene Rockwell, Shelly Sabhikhi and Alison Singer!

Featuring Will Cramer, Rick Crawford, Nathan Gyori, Hanaleah Hoberman, Michelle Langer, Mike Li, April Perry, Carlen Sedlak and Matt Smolecki!



JACK REITZ AND MEREDEITH FOWLER have been professional improv teachers in the past and have been performing for over a decade. 

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